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"Thank you for all you do for us in this world where everyone is in a hurry. You seldom get this type of input from a professional. It means a lot. We are proud and thankful to have you as our advisor and helping with our business."
Business Owner
"Thank you so much for your thoughtful inputs, especially for my American Advertising Federation presidency."
Tara Caray
Business Owner
"Congratulations on your nomination to the Orlando Business Journal’s Business Man of the year. It couldn't have gone to anybody better ever."
Averret Warmus
Business Owner
Deconstructing the multiple facets of my business. Your philosophy on how business should be managed and industry as a whole. It is amazing how this has helped my large CPA firm,
Jim Woodruff.
Business Owner
"Thank you so much for your time and advice. It means a lot that you care so much about us. We look forward to continue working with you on my business and my own professional progress."
Dragon Point
Financial Firm
"Thank you again for your friendship, education and tolerance and helping us figure out our best plans forward. Absolutely love working with you."
Joel Greenberg
Business Owner
"Thank you so much for all you've done over the years, we've created priority lists follow-up items and we've succeeded in accomplishing all of those, our business objectives for the present and beyond have been amazing. Thanks to you. We're so much more effectively positioned and we have so much greater resources to help us attain our goals."
Hazel Dorand
Business Owner
I really enjoy and look forward to our time together and working on my business. It's amazing how less stressful my life is and how more productive my business is. And I now only go into the office to work on my business and not work in the business. My wealth has grown, exceeding my expectations. Thanks to you,
Petere Holt
Business Owner

My damaging admission to you...

    I have never been broke. I do not have a sob story about how I lost everything or how I spent a year sleeping in my car. The truth is that I have spent an embarrassing amount of money and time making the wealthy richer (including myself) and keeping them wealthy.

Most importantly, I have a work-optional lifestyle. What is the point of having money if you can’t have fun with it?

Yes, I have enough money to buy a Rolls Royce three times. Yes, I have large houses, and yes, I spend money on nice things.

Let’s face it, we business owners have bigger problems to deal with than fantasizing about
what we could have. We are constantly
confronted with real-world problems that have real-world consequences.

Only those who have cross the fray understand the sleepless nights, constant worry, and loneliness that come with being a “real” business owner

“We get you. And, what’s more you belong here. We understand your challenges, your fears, your pain, your hopes, you’re needs. We shoulder your burdens. We’ve got your back. Well give you a leg up.”

If you Want to...

Business owners like you are…

  • Sick of banging your head against the ceiling.
  • Spending money and not seeing a return
  • Dealing with disgruntled employees and customers on a daily basis.
  • Feeling superior to the competition and wondering why they are growing faster than you.
  • Wondering where your freedom has gone when you first started out.
  • Not enough time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, your risk, your capital, your efforts.
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Grow Your Business
  • Improve your net worth
  • Make your business operate like a swiss watch
  • Hire and keep great employees
  • Get and keep ideal customers, clients and patients

I am for you...

  • If you are sick and tried of getting beat up. If you are ready to fight back and get what you have earned and deserve!
  • I am for you if you are a independent business owner who has found a reasonable amount of financial success. (sorry no broke people)
  • I am for you if you are growth oriented and you want to stay green and growing not ripe and rotting.
  • I am for you if  have tried everything under the sun and cant get past the “ceiling”.
  • I am for you if you are financially fit yet aggravated by lack of free time.
  • I am for you if you are a individual who has committed towards improvement and self-growth.
  • I am for you if you have High integrity and ethics

I am NOT for you! If

You “hung the moon”
You Know it All
You’re Happy in your Misery
You’re On the Way Out
You Do not Implement
You Are Thin-skinned
You Are Broke
You Have No Discipline
You Are Not Independent-Minded
You’re “Brother-In-Law” has all the answers

I've helped dozens of independent business owners just like you

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your presentation and your ongoing friendship and support in my business. Best
Chuck Castellone
Business Owner
Thank you so much for your coaching. I love it. You could not have given me any more thoughtful input to make my business grow.
Victor Warwick
business owner
Thank you so much for your insights. We've been looking forward to all of this that will truly help us live better lives. All our gratitude,
Central Florida NATS
Thank you again for your friendship, education and tolerance and helping us figure out our best plans forward. Absolutely love working with you.
Joel Greenberg.
Business Owner
I appreciate all your suggestions and help because they work. Nobody else has done this for me. The way you have anybody who doesn't work with you, doesn't deserve to work with you. Thank you again. And I look forward to our continued relationship.
Eric Pizer
business owner
It has been a pleasure deploying your wealth system. I appreciate all you share with me. And I look forward to continuing our thriving and growing business relationship. I'm very excited that we've exceeded our numbers year over year. Thanks to you
Steve Alexander
Business Owner
Your willingness to share your experiences, your knowledge and your systems meant so much. And the information helps me and my family to grow. I can't wait to continue referring to you,
Christopher Clayton
Business Owner
Your presentation was well received. It was really good content to make me think about my business and our businesses in a different way. The examples were good and your credibility and background and personal examples are outstanding. This really goes into what we're trying to achieve with regards to vision people, process and exit strategy enhancers,
Ray Watson
business owner
"Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Not only does your appreciation make our work even more rewarding, reinforces how we need to focus our business.."
George Beall, Chairman
CEO, Hillstone Restaurant Group.
What a gift you have given me for the opportunity to have you help my business, my management and my wealth you've provided me insights and capabilities. I never knew I had what value you bring to me and how my work environment has improved
Mark Tosoni  
Business Owner
I cannot begin to explain what your coaching has done for me. You have an incredible business mindset and your teachings have developed new perspectives for me, the world, your advice on Bill's business building relationships is so much more important than what I've been doing in the past. You should be very proud of yourself and your team. You are a great
Brandon Alvin
business owner
"Thanks for your great marketing insight. Your message is right on point. I've been working with a lot of advertising and marketing and brand people in the past, but you're, you have changed my world for the better, and I'll never go back because of you. You are the greatest thing that could have happened to me and my business because of my decreased dependence on brute force business. Now I'm building more of a business than I ever thought possible. Keep up the great work."
Luke Melonis
Business Owner

You have made me anti-fragile and have helped me grow my wealth tremendously. I am so glad I met you and followed your advice and planning.

            —Jayne Jenkins

Thank you for taking me on as a client and for your fantastic advice that really resonated. And thank you for your kindness after implementing your thoughts and confirming again, all the reasons I hold you in high regard, I look very much look forward to continue our working relationship.

            —Paul Casteneda,

 Your vision and accomplishments are most impressive and our business is in great need of your transformation. Truly putting the customer first is still a minority approach and we are implementing it. We will continue to spread the pollen for betterment in our business. You have impacted many lives already, regardless of how this turns out. We really appreciate your support and vision

            —Edward Malloy.

 It is an insightful journey working alongside you, your ability to absorb, retain and share valuable information is an Adam or mole trait, not to mention your capacity to create and stick to a regimen, a set of behaviors, which are beneficial to all. Thank you also for contributing to my improved business experience for reminding me to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based without you, I would not have the success happiness and wonderful memories in my business.

            —Jess Feliciano.

 Thank you for your thoughtful insights. I’m certain I never would have seated without you so many great ideas and solutions that came from you that have had a great effect on my business. I’m now able to contribute much more and I continue to look forward to working with you in the future.

            —Jeff Dalloway,

 Thank you for being part of my business. Thank you for sharing your story and your business experience. And most of all, thank you for making my business better than it could ever have been without you very much looking forward to continue

            —Walter Bergeron.

 Mitch is a trusted advisor who can give you the expert advice and guidance and deliver the results. My experience with Mitch has been entirely positive. I continue to work with him to this day. He is invaluable for anyone seeking help on everything from seeing seemingly simple, personal financial matters to highly complex corporate dealings family first met Mitch when he was my boss and I worked for him and I was personally present when he was working with clients. Mitch understands. He really understands how to take a complex and challenging financial problem and apply creative work, to organize folks in there to get their financial health and financial lives, which creates magnificent, powerful outcomes. Not only for protecting their assets today, but optimizing and maximizing the impact for the future. He is a guy who’s very disciplined. He really understands those small things when it comes to financial management and leadership and business management and small disciplines that it requires to apply creative solutions on a large scale, he’s very consistent, very knowledgeable, and you will see results often right away. And certainly as you move down the roads towards your goal, which you will find you’ve achieved and now you have to have a new goal. There was nobody more qualified to assist business owners and individuals and examining really, truly evaluating financial circumstances and applying very creative and very powerful strategies. I think Dr. Levin, not only as a mentor to me as a friend and former boss,

            —Kyle Johnson, CEO Lighthouse,

 My business was having problems and I didn’t really have the ability to define what those problems were, but I knew that some, we had some problems and some issues when I instinctively knew that I should be making a larger profit work with Mitch for about a year and a half to two years. You are a dedicated coach. One of the things I really appreciate is that you would spend an hour or two with me every week, which initially was a bit difficult, but then we moved it to about an hour or two every month. And I can’t imagine what life would have been like without you. Mitch identified problems that we were not initially aware of. And after looking at the issues more specifically, we were able to correct these problems and issues, and he brought answers to the tables that were even better than I imagined. Personal profit. My personal take home from the profit has increased in a short period of time from to about 60% higher than it was before the business valuation is now doubled where it was before.

            —Kyle Kelly,

 Mitch has become a close friend and business associate as my personal mentor, I’ve owned and operated my business for 10 plus years. And it came to a crossroads where I was unsure, which way to take my company. I wanted to grow, but the direction wasn’t clear, I chose to work with Mitch because not only has he a track record of success as an entrepreneur and businessman, but he’s also a true visionary. One thing that sets Mitch apart from the rest is that he always executes and delivers and delivers more than I expected others that I might’ve worked with. I wasn’t sure they had my best interest in mind, but when I met Mitch, that all changed for me. He concentrated my focus on growing the company, sort of managing the day-to-day operations by eliminating some of our overhead and consolidating debt. Mitch was able to save me $150,000 per year. He helped me refine our sales process and also increase our revenue by 130%. He does not waste time. He gets to the point and promises and provides and delivers above and beyond expectations.

            —Mike Cedric,

 When I was first introduced to Mitch, he didn’t tell me a lot about what he does, but took the time to find out about what I do. That’s one of the beauties about Mitch. He’s so interested in other people and what other people do and about their businesses. And he asked great questions. The really great thing about Mitch is what he can bring to your, how he can help change your perspective on business and business ownership and running a good business and a profitable business, especially with when it comes to finance and taxes, he’s consistent and on a regular basis. As a result of working with him, I was able to write my first book and launch my company, which now has a national footprint and has been growing every year substantially ever since I’ve been working with him, he really focuses on communicating with you as a peer, anyone who is interested in growing their business, that’s interested in becoming a better business owner. That’s interested in facing your business from a fresh perspective. Mitch’s the best guy you could ever hope to have around you and talking to you and asking you questions and getting your business exactly where you want it to be. For me, Mitch helped me identify an issue and that was

            —Wes Matejka

 Mitch helped me identify which issues I didn’t even realize were issues. And I’d gotten into such a rut. Although I didn’t recognize at the, at the time he helped me to look at issues from a new perspective, consider new ideas. And not only did I benefit, but my clients benefited as well. Working with Mitch is well worth your time. He will take your business to the next level. And not only can your clients and customers and patients benefit from him, you’re really going to benefit from him. Jeff Johnson, I’ve been working with Mitch since 2010. And the issue I was trying to solve was simply long-term planning and stability. I trust him. He has great knowledge and experience. He puts his money where his mouth is, and he delivers so much value that I hope I continue working with him for the next 10 years.

            —Andrew Dickens,

 Mitch is the expert. I read a lot of books. I actually have a finance degree. I’ve spent a lot of time with numbers and finance and investments and everything like that. And Mitch is second to none in terms of the knowledge he brings and the way he goes about analyzing situations and coming up with excellent solutions. He knows what he’s talking about, and you will also get the feeling and the knowledge over time that he’s there to look out for you. Mitch takes pride in getting people to where they want to go and doing it in a safe and effective manner. Run. Don’t walk to hire Mitch

            —Andrew Meadows.

 At first, I was skeptical. Skeptical. These types of business advisors can seem like they’re a dime a dozen. The more I got to know Mitch, I learned about his background. The more I understand what a top notch guy he is because approaching, creating a financial fortress is unique and completely with easy to understand construction metaphors of a foundation and a roof. For me, he concentrated on my personal financial security for me and my family, and then started concentrating on wealth building strategies during my productive years. And even for my eventual retirement, he helped me bring in new partners, sell stock and starting entirely new divisions of my business. He has each of these things have a high level of complexity and a lot of moving parts in this role as with every other Mitch has been invaluable in architecting the entire plan and recommending all the strategies, all the tools, all the tactics and all the players in making these deals successful.

            —Sam Frentzas

 The value we receive from Mitch is significant. My personal well profit, my personal take home. I’d recommend it highly and feel that any business who wants to see an increase in your net profit and also be able to identify what problems they have and how to solve them. It’s still keeping it holding you accountable is probably one of the greatest benefits I’ve received from Mitch. He’s a very big part of the degree of success.

            —Brian Lewis

 As the CEO and chairman of a board of a high eight figure company, we needed a deal maker to help us sell a division of our business to a publicly traded company. Many players were involved and that would include the publicly traded corporations and, and, and the private partners, all of their attorneys, all of their boards, all of their accountants, all in all there, must’ve been 50 professionals and Mitch arranged them and organize them and got them all to agree his expertise and putting it together. Deals is deeply rooted. He is in the money savings mode, especially when it comes to taxes, the way deals are structured and he brings them to the table with creativity. I don’t know where there’s anyone similar. He saved us over $1.6 million in taxes with a simple, easy solution that all of our attorneys and accountants could agree to instantly. He is the master maker and will bring to the table opportunity as we had an hour case for you. I know of firms who generally charge five to 10% for deals like this. And our deal would have been almost a half, a million dollars. Okay. What Mitch charge was sharply, sharply discounted from that, and it will result in additional business on an ongoing basis. Not only would I hire him again, I have hired him again.

            —Raymer Maguire.

 You are my consigliere. I don’t make a move without consulting Mitch. Your advice is always spot on. You have saved me several hundred thousand dollars, and improved my cash flow by 43%. You have helped me launch a national business with impressive success. You have improved my cash flow and helped me to really grow my practice.

            —Paul Samakow

It is amazing how I got myself into so much difficulty with the many millions I had generated. Thank you so much for finding me $850,000 in the first several months and saving me over $25,000 per month in wasted expenses. Not only that thank you for saving me hundreds of thousand dollars in tax savings in my business acquisition.

            —Dr. Jim Babiuk

 In my very first business acquisition you showed me how to buy a large business with pennies in cash, while saving me mid-six-figures in unnecessary taxes. Now by business is thriving and I am buying another. Thank you Mitch

            —Jerry Jones

 Nobody, I mean nobody has given me the kind of advice and counsel that you guaranteed and it really worked. Thank you for helping me grow my business into a major subsidiary of global enterprise, and for my personal wealth building and protecting strategies. I owe you more than you know.

            —Michael Thomas, CEO GTE

 You are really such a great person and I admire your passion and dedication tremendously. You have a great company and unbelievable team. I look forward to seeing your continued success.

            —Megan Bailey

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow and become better

            —Michael Fry.

 Not only did I learn a lot, I implemented a lot, and that made my law practice so much better. Thank you so much,

            —Elaine Silver.

 Thank you for helping my financial services firm grow. Thanks to your book and your advice,

            —Mark Angle.

 Thanks to your efforts and advice, our building is approximately 70%. 60% complete. The condition of the economy has cost us much. The future continues to look terrific. Many thanks,

            —Charles Parker Baptist college in Florida.

 Thank you very much for the book and your continued advice and coaching. Right now, we’re working hard to increase my wealth. Thanks to you,

            —Laurie Siragusa, President Inline Marketing Partners.

 Thank you so much for taking care of me and my business. Growing now, tenfold. Thanks to your ethics,

            —Tammy Diebel

 Thank you so much. My reverse mortgage business has been growing like crazy.

            —Eric Christiansen.

 Thank you so much for your support and guidance these past months. I can’t believe how far we’ve progressed. Thanks to you,

            —Chris Harris.

 Thank you so much for Everything I’ve read in your books and everything you’ve done for me and to make my office much more effective and efficient

            —Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

 Thank you so much for your insights and coaching on my money tracks company, the marketing alone was worth the effort.

            —Don Blanton,

 Your approach to cashflow investment in plastic. And then planning very has helped me grow my business and grow my wealth.

            —Steven Placey

 Our conversations and discussions have been very helpful toward me following up on my personal growth. And I look forward to working more with you to help my business grow

            —Russ Bredholt

 Your conversation and wisdom is amazing and has really helped us to exceed our expectations.

            —Mark Lang

 Your presentation to my sales class at university of central Florida was overwhelmingly well-received and students keep talking about it even several days after your insights, your expertise, and your advice is going to prove exceedingly helpful

            —Professor Karl Sooder.

 Your guidance has created so much opportunity for us. I can’t believe it.

            —Maple Street Contract and Vendor Management Services,

 Your advice and input on estate planning, asset protection, planning and wealth building has been immeasurable to me and to my estate planning law firm

            —Merrill Bailey.

 What you brought to our large accounting firm was fantastic. We certainly appreciate your team as well and would love to continue working with you for the foreseeable future.

            —Steve Christino

 Thank you for your extremely helpful insights, the amount of integrity and high standards you portray. It’s an honor to learn from the master. Your intelligence and your own personal success is an inspiration to me. Thank you again,

            —Sean Alana

 Thank you for opening my eyes to the opportunities and to be able to work with the best. You’ve had a great impact on how go about my future endeavors, notably improving the congruence between my goals and my vision.

            —David Goodbar.

 You’ve brought to my company standards of performance and the importance of managing costs and taxes and how we can best improve our net cash flow.

            —Kevin McCarthy,.

Thank you for The work you’ve done on our behalf. It’s just amazing how we’ve progressed.

            —Jeffrey Reeves.

 You’re good job on your book, in your advice, your newsletter, your recommendations. They have been amazing for my company,

            —Jack Dicks.

 You’re such an amazing mentor. I learned so much professionally and personally from you. And I can’t believe how my business is growing.

            —Todd Accola.

 Your insights in leadership and human resources, management and leadership, has been a godsend helping me to apply the accountabilities and dealing with the stuff that happens day in and day out in my business. I can’t believe how far we’ve progressed. Thanks to you,

            —George West.

 Thank you for the surprising and gift of a better business.

            —Jeff Flowers.

With Steve Spurrier Award winning college football coach
Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando presenting philanthropy award
Keynote speaker Great Legal Marketing
With Governor Rick Scott
WIth Porshe CEO Peter Schutz

why am i doing this for you?

One, altruistic… you are “my people.” I am and have been an independent business owner just like you.

I have had almost 700 people as employees (from surgeons to financial advisors to support staff) over my careers.

Not all at once. The largest number I had at one time was 77.

There was turnover. Much of it painful. I discovered and I am sharing with you my systems to eliminate the pains.

Your successful implementation of the systems is paramount.

Two, selfish… I am your customer, client and patient. My customer service experience is too often too weak or worse.

Along with all your CCPs, we want a better experience. Stop ticking us off. Stop giving us reasons to leave you.

Books I've written specifically for you

You can see most of my 14 books on Amazon. I am now the publisher of three private newsletters to over 5000 subscribers for more than 13 years: The Rational Optimist, Is This Any Way To Run A Business, and Business Building Breakthroughs. I have been featured in Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, and more.

Receiving best seller award
Dr. Mitch Levin receiving Best Seller Award in Times Square


Dr. Mitch Levin

"15 mistakes business Owners are making that keep their growth slow and painful"