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How can you get business coaching from the expertise of Dr. Mitch Levin?

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$ 1 billion
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I've spent millions of dollars developing and re-polishing "The Ultimate time Growth and Money machine"

Business coaching from extensive experience.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Some are minor, while others are extremely costly… and require a large sum of money as well as sanity to repair.

I even lost my hair as a result of it :(.

Fortunately for you, I’ve saved you the time, money, and agony. “The Ultimate Time Growth and Money Machine” is the mastery of 28 critical business systems that will assist you in achieving a work-free lifestyle.

Finally, you can take a vacation without worrying about your business burning down.

Like a Swiss watch, run your business efficiently, effortlessly, and predictably!

Speech at a Conference in 2008

If you want to live a true work-free lifestyle. This is how your focus will look over the next four weeks.

  1. Introduction
  2. What business are you REALLY in?
  3. How to gauge your current position. Where are you now?
  4. Time Management. Stop letting your days get away from you. Marker board.
  5. Systems Plan. If we do it more than twice, we need to have a system for it.
  6. Your best bucket list. Plugging Leaks. It is not just pouring more into the bucket.
  7. Sales Plan. Nothing happens till we sell something.
  8. Pricing Plan. Don’t sell it if it doesn’t make a profit.
  9. Profit Maximization. Stop wasting money.
  10. CCP Retention Plan. It’s easier to keep CCPs than find new ones.
  11. Referral Plan. How to make your existing customers your best sales people.
  12. Marketing that Truly Works.  Anything else is just throwing away money.
  13. Multi-media plan
  14. Social Media Plan. Selling to 1 Billion People.
  15. PR Plan. The “R” Stands for Relations…
  16. Growth Plan.  If You’re Going to Grow, You Better Have a Plan. Back to Basics
  17. Cash Flow Improvement. The enemy of successful growth.
  18. KPI Improvement.  You NEED a Dashboard.
  19. HR Plan. If it weren’t for all these people, we wouldn’t have all these people problems.
  20. Key EE Plan. Getting & Keeping the people you want and need. 
  21. Asset Protection Plan.  How not to lose what you’ve built.
  22. Wealth Plan. Now that the goose is laying golden eggs, let’s do something with them.
  23. Tax Reduction. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.
  24. Succession & Legacy Planning.  You’re not planning to do this forever, right?
Dr. Mitch Levin, MD

1-1 Business Coaching with Mitch

Mitch Levin, MD consults, advises, and invests in various companies (limited to 12 spots a year) in addition to running the Maverick 100k club (his most exclusive and intimate group where he offers private advisory support).

If you’d like to learn more about the various ways you can work directly with Mitch, please fill out your application in the link below.

Advanced Groups

The Maverick 100k Mastermind

This exclusive club is expected to increase your net worth by more than $1 million.

Limited to 20 spots

We will provide you with the skills, capabilities, resources, and knowledge you need to dramatically scale your business to the next level as a Maverick Platinum 20 member. Whether you want to increase the value of your company in order to SELL it, or you simply want to dominate your industry and build a global empire, or something in between.

Do it yourself Business Coaching Programs


Our “DIYS Programs” will familiarize you with the 28 critical business systems that we help business owners develop in our Advanced Signature Programs.

Investing in one of our “Starter” programs is a great way to investigate *which* business system you feel most aligned with developing at your stage in the company.

Test the waters before investing in one of our signature programs that delves deeper into developing the critical business systems mentioned earlier.

These programs will give you a head start in developing the most important business systems that will help you accelerate your productivity and efficiency.

Corporate Finance Solutions

Mergers & Acquisitions / Succession Planning / Strategic Planning / Financings / Operations Audits / Corporate Sales / Growth Strategies / Marketing Strategies / Enterprise Valuation

During the past 30+ years, Florida Corporate Finance (rebranded as Corporate Finance So-
lutions, CFS)) has served over 235 national and even some international private business

clients. The focus is on companies with revenues ranging from $2-30 million primarily in

construction, mechanical services, printing, distribution, banking, mortgages and other fi-
nancial services, digital marketing, health care services, accounting and legal firms, soft-
ware, and food manufacturing. These assets exceed $993 million built, bought and sold to

private investors and to publicly-traded companies.

Virtually all of those required major tax mitigation strategies that I have developed and re-
fined, and they required that I establish enterprise values related to the transactions; and

most of those also further engaged me for growth and strategic planning.

Done with you