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1:1 coaching with Mitch

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So many times I have been asked, “how do I distinguish myself from the others?”

So, I'm going to do it for you right NOW with me.

Why should you do business with me as opposed to anyone or everyone else, or worst of all, not having a business coach? Well, I've got several reasons...

First, is that most business coaches have been either unemployed or terminated for whatever reason. That’s not me. I’ve never had a job for anybody else. And I’m probably unemployable.
Second, I’ve actually done this. Not only for myself but I’ve done it for others, and I’m continuing to do it. I’ll give you an example in a few moments.

So, what have I done? I’ve personally built, bought and sold more than 36 businesses entities for myself and over 265 for my clients. The total assets involved are now exceeding $993 million.
Now, I’m not McKinsey. Not Accenture. Not Bain Capital. Not McGladrey. I probably couldn’t get a job with any of those people. And, I can run circles around them — for you.

I know marketing, I know sales and I know finance. And yet I’m not an accountant, not a marketing consultant, not a sales consultant, not an attorney. And yet, I’ve written hundreds of lease agreements and letters of intent for myself and for my clients. I’ve spent decades doing that. Now I do this because I want to, and not because I have to.

So, let’s think about that for a moment. Why am I doing this for you? There are two reasons. One is the selfish reason. I am a customer and it’s really hard to get customer experience that is enjoyable and gets me to refer to you. Two is less selfish. You are my people, my whole life. My family’s been this Entrepreneurial family, my father, my grandfather, my son.
I want to help.

The reason you should do business with me, and this is not the most important reason, but for some people it rings true. And for some people, it feels like that’s a little bit fishy: I put my money where my mouth is. I actually guarantee my fees. If I charge you X, I’m going to find you X-plus.
“How do I do that?” you may be wondering. Because I’m very particular as to whom I take on as a client. If I don’t believe I can find or make you a hundred thousand dollars, I’m going to tell you so. I’m going to tell you that we’re not a good fit for each other. I’m not going to participate
in someone’s failure, nor am I going to take money from somebody where I really can’t deliver tremendous value.

I help you find that kind of money in terms of new sales, or savings on unnecessary expenses, or unnecessary taxes and also help build your net worth.

An example as to how I can find you $1 million. I did this for a client just last week. He’s buying a business worth about a million dollars. Well, how did I find him that million?

In order for him to pay the million dollars to the seller, he’s got to first earn $1,700,000 then pay $700,000 tax. Then the seller receives the $1 million who then again has to pay tax on it — about $250,000 tax.

So at the stroke of a pen, $1,700,000 becomes $750,000. That’s close enough for government work to be a million dollars. I reversed that and saved hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. I have done it before, and I’ll do that for you.

That’s just one little thing. One little thing. There is so much more.

And this is not exotic. I know the exotic. I’ve written a short book on the exotics and I’ve written books on success and leadership and HR and marketing and asset protection to the point where I know that having been a certified asset protection planner and certified wealth preservation planner, I had to do this.

I had to do it for myself. And I decided to do that for my friends and colleagues. And then I built, bought and sold a wealth management firm. And now I’m doing it for you.
You might think to yourself right now, “Well, I don’t really need this. I’m doing just fine”.
How do you think Tom Brady filmed 20 years ago? How do you think that Tiger Woods felt, or LeBron James, or Mikaela Shiffrin, or Serena Williams, or the great operatic singers of the world, or the CEOs of the world’s great companies?

They all have coaches.

I have a coaching group that I go to to get coached. Now that’s not to say that everybody needs a coach.

If you’re happy in your misery, if you’re happy being mediocre, that’s okay. We are not a good fit for each other.